Privacy Policy

By using Betterguard, you agree to the following privacy policy.

What information is stored?

When the bot is added to your discord server, it stores:

Guild IDs
Role IDs
Channel IDs

We need this data for the bot to function, it does not store any type of client IDs or personal information.

The bot uses this data to search for and calculate if a server has specific channels or roles that need to be checked.

The checked data is stored into the database upon setup.

3rd Party Data Sharing

BetterGuard shares analytical data with to provide stats on how many users/servers it is in.

No user/server/channel data is sent to our third party providers

Data Removal

If you would like to remove your data, you can easily do that by removing the bot from the discord server.

If you are banned from the support server, please contact Infinity#1337 on discord for inquiries

Any other questions could be mentioned in our support server or by contacting one of the developers.

Note: We reserve the right to change this without notifying our users. This policy was last updated September 2nd, 2020.